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Recyclates in packaging - challenges and solutions

26 Nov
Veranstaltungsort digitales Event
Zeit 09:30 - 17:40 Uhr

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Plastic packaging waste is a pressing issue worldwide, from a littering and from a resource conservation perspective. Resource conservation could be increased substantially, if disposed plastic packaging waste was not deposited or incinerated but recycled and used as a substitute for virgin plastic material. Strategies and regulations on European and on member states’ levels are likely to increase ambitions for recycling, yet feasible and scalable value chains for recycled plastic packaging waste have to be established.

The event "Recyclates in Packaging – Challenges and Solutions" will address this issue. In the light of EU policy, we will analyse measures to increase the demand for recycled material in new plastic packaging. Different examples of legislative, economic and normative measures in force or in preparation as well as best-practice examples will be evaluated in working sessions on different types of packaging. We aim to develop concrete and effective solutions and approaches that can serve as input for future policies especially on the European level.

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