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Europe and Environment

Europe and Environment

A clean, healthy and diverse environment is the prerequisite for prosperity and well-being for everyone in Europe. Therefore, approximately 80 per cent of the environmental policies applicable in Germany are made by the EU Commission, the EU Parliament and the Council. Effective environmental protection also requires reasonable coordination of environmental with economic, transport and agricultural policies.

"I firmly believe that environmental action leads to greater social justice and that the two are inextricably linked."

Svenja Schulze Federal Environment Minister <b><i>&quot;I firmly believe that environmental action leads to greater social justice and that the two are inextricably linked.&quot;</i></b>

Latest on Europe and Environment

Nuclear Safety | 09.07.18

Opinion on Doel and Tihange nuclear power plants

Germany‘s Reactor Safety Commission has published an opinion on crack zones in the reactor pressure vessels of the Tihange and Doel nuclear power plants. Most of the German experts questions relating to safety issues are resolved.
Europe and the Environment | 05.06.18

16th meeting of the German-Czech environment commission

The focus at the 16th meeting of the German-Czech Joint Environmental Commission in Berlin was on discussion of current EU dossiers and transboundary cooperation on nature conservation and air quality control.
Europe and the Environment | 22.05.18

Svenja Schulze on inaugural trip to Brussels

During her inaugural trip to Brussels, Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze will meet with Commissioners Karmenu Vella, Miguel Arias Cañete and Vytenis Andriukaitis to discuss climate, environmental and health policy.
Marine Water Management | 18.05.18

Germany takes over Presidency of Wadden Sea Cooperation

During the 13th Trilateral Governmental Conference on the Protection of the Wadden Sea in the Dutch city of Leeuwarden, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands agreed on numerous Wadden Sea protection measures.
Europe and the Environment | 30.04.18

Minister Schulze on inaugural trip to Warsaw

Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze met with her Polish counterpart Henryk Kowalczyk for the first time today to prepare for the event.
Energy Efficiency | 23.04.18

EU, IFC, Germany Partner to Establish New Fund

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, the European Union, and Germany signed agreements on saturday to support the Ukrainian government’s work in reducing energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions in the residential sector.
Europe and the Environment | 06.04.18

Phase-out of nuclear power in the European Union

Svenja Schulze and Carole Dieschbourg, Luxembourg's Minister for the Environment, would like to intensify cooperation. They met to discuss the phase-out of nuclear power within the EU in their shared border regions.