Procedure Manuals

In Germany, monitoring of activity concentrations and specific activity of radioactive substances in the environment is carried out in accordance with the Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community of 1957 (EURATOM) and the Precautionary Radiation Protection Act (Strahlenschutzvorsorgegesetz, StrVG) of 1986. The Federation and its agencies are responsible for developing and establishing sampling and analysis procedures for carrying out monitoring in order to ensure that measurements and evaluations of environmental contamination are consistent. A booklet compiled by the Federation’s coordinating offices (Leitstellen des Bundes) and published by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) serves this purpose. The booklet is made up of two parts: a general part containing properties for alpha, beta and gamma-emitting radionuclides and an overview of analysis procedures for these materials and a part containing instructions for procedures used by the individual coordinating offices. This booklet, initially in print, has been available on the BMUB website since 2008.

AKU procedure manuals

In addition to the BMU’s procedure manuals for monitoring radioactive substances in the environment and external radiation produced by the coordinating offices and published by the BMU, a booklet (German) of recommendations on monitoring environmental radioactivity (Empfehlungen zur Überwachung der Umweltradioaktivität) is also available from the AKU, the environmental monitoring working group of the Radiation Protection Association (Arbeitskreis Umweltüberwachung des Fachverbandes für Strahlenschutz). Where the BMU has no published procedure manual for a particular measuring procedure, the AKU's instructions can be consulted as an equally valid source.