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For more details regarding the legal regulations, the Atomic Energy Act includes authorisations for issuing ordinances (compare listing in Section 54 paragraph 1 of the Atomic Energy Act). These ordinances require approval by the Bundesrat (Federal Council). The Bundesrat is a constitutional body of the Federation in which the governments of the Länder are represented.

The listing below lists the main ordinances on protective and preventive measures at nuclear power plants.

Nuclear Safety & Radiological Protection | 19.06.17

Nuclear Licensing Procedure Ordinance

Ordinance on the Procedure for Licensing of Installations under paragraph 7 of the Atomic Energy Act of 18 February 1977, as Amended and Promulgated on 3 February 1995, last amendment of 9 December 2006.
Nuclear Safety | 08.06.10

Nuclear Safety Officer and Reporting Ordinance

Ordinance on the Nuclear Safety Officer and the Reporting of Incidents and other Events (Nuclear Safety Officer and Reporting Ordinance) of 14 October 1992, last Amendment of 8 June 2010.
Nuclear Safety | 27.06.17

Nuclear Reliability Verification Ordinance

Ordinance on the verification of reliability of persons as a protection against a diversion or major release of radioactive material according to the Atomic Energy Act (Nuclear Reliability Verification Ordinance – AtZüV).
Nuclear Safety & Radiological Protection | 27.06.17

Nuclear Financial Security Ordinance

Ordinance Concerning the Financial Security Pursuant to the Atomic Energy Act (Nuclear Financial Security Ordinance) of 25 January 1977, last Amendment of July 2016.
Nuclear Safety & Radiological Protection | 27.06.17

Cost Ordinance under the Atomic Energy Act

Cost Ordinance under the Atomic Energy Act of 17 December 1981, last Amendment of 26 July 2016.
Radiological Protection | 21.06.05

Potassium iodide regulation

Regulation for the verification of reliability for protection against theft or release of radioactive substances under the Atomic Energy Act.
Nuclear Safety | 30.04.09

Nuclear Waste Shipment Ordinance

"Ordinance on the Shipment of Radioactive Waste or Spent Fuel (Nuclear Waste Shipment Ordinance) of 30 April 2009, last Amendment of 8 July 2016"
Nuclear Safety & Radiological Protection | 21.02.17

Repository Prepayment Ordinance – EndlagerVIV

Repository Prepayment Ordinance of 28 April 1982 as last amended by Section 1 of the Act of 6 July 2004 Pursuant to Section 9a (3) of the AtG, the federal government is tasked with establishing a repository for radioactive waste.