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Nature and Biological Diversity

Nature and Biological Diversity

Biological diversity (biodiversity) comprises diversity of species and habitats as well as the genetic diversity within the individual species of fauna and flora. In this area, you will find interesting facts, worth seeings and current news about global protection of nature and biological diversity.

"I firmly believe that environmental action leads to greater social justice and that the two are inextricably linked."

Svenja Schulze Federal Environment Minister <b><i>&quot;I firmly believe that environmental action leads to greater social justice and that the two are inextricably linked.&quot;</i></b>

Latest on Nature and Biological Diversity

Nature/Biological Diversity | 22.06.18

Central Asian countries commit to forest restoration

Eight countries in Central Asia and the Caucasus have joined the Bonn Challenge and committed to contributing to the goal of restoring 150 million hectares of forest worldwide by 2020.
Climate | 08.05.18

Germany helps restore forests in Central America

State Secretary Jochen Flasbarth is participating in the fourth Bonn Challenge Latin America meeting in Guatemala City. The goal of the meeting is to achieve global reforestation for ecological and economic reasons.
Climate | 23.04.18

Rheinaue park returned to City of Bonn

Following last year's Climate Change Conference, the Federal Environment Ministry has handed over the freshly restored Rheinaue park to the City of Bonn in time for the new event season.
Climate | 29.03.18

Franco-German environmental cooperation

German Environment Minister Svenja Schulze and her French counterpart, Nicolas Hulot, met for the first time and discussed Franco-German environmental cooperation.
Der Große Fuchs
Species Protection | 26.03.18

Schulze: Loss of biodiversity also a threat to humans

Biodiversity is declining in all regions of the world. That is the conclusion of the World Biodiversity Council (IPBES). For Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze, this is a wake-up call for politicians around the world.
Nature/Biological Diversity | 22.05.17

Celebrating for the nature

The EU Habitats Directive was adopted on 21 May 1992. The Directive establishes the basis for the European Natura 2000 network of protected areas and provides large-scale protection for endangered plants, animals and habitats.