International Nano-Authorities Dialogue

At the annual "International Nano-Authorities dialogue" environmental, health and workers protection authorities as well as industry, science and civil society organisations from Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein and Switzerland discuss current topics in the area of nano governance. 

The 12th International Nano-Authorities dialogue

Invited by Germany, the 12th International Nano-Authorities dialogue took place from June 7 to 8, 2018. As in the previous years, the state of play of nano regulation was evaluated and recommendations on how to improve the (implementation) of European and national regulations were the focus of the discussions. The results and recommendations that were supported by all stakeholders are the basis for further discussions on the regulatory action needs and were documented in a so called "Roadmap 2025". The first draft of this roadmap from the year 2015 was and will be further developed in the future, to support the specification and coordination of measures and activities of the participating countries. The question of whether or not the regulation of novel materials, the so-called "advanced materials" should be included in the discussions and the "Roadmap 2025" was discussed at the 12th International Authorities Nano Dialogue for the first time. 

The International Nano-Authorities dialogue was started in 2006 and is an element of the close cooperation between the countries Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Austria and Switzerland. The aim of this cooperation is to monitor and reflect on trends in the area of nanotechnologies and to potentially support stakeholder activities in the direction of a sustainable development. This includes identifying consensuses on regulatory deficits and deriving action needs to rectify them.

After last years’ dialogue in Vienna, the representatives of the authorities formulated the "Declaration of Vienna" – Conclusions and Recommendations after the 11th "International Authorities Nano Dialogue" and introduced it in June 2017 to the European Council. Also in 2018, the "Berlin Declaration" was worked out, compiled or put together by the participating authorities, which is intended for introduction into the EU Council.