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Europe and Environment

In the European Union (EU) almost all environmental sectors are now covered by Community legislation. With regard to harmonisation of targets, policies and measures within the EU Germany often is the driving force for the development of ambitious European environmental standards.

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International Environmental Policy

Especially in times of increasing globalisation, the field of international relationships places considerable importance on global environmental policy. Global environmental problems cannot be solved unilaterally, but instead require a multilateral approach.

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Sustainable development

Sustainable development is the guiding principle of the policy of the Federal Government of Germany. Sustainability aims to achieve generational equality, social cohesion, quality of life and the exercise of international responsibility. Further policies have to start in a way that developments are sustainable - in Germany as well as worldwide.

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Digitalisation and the environment

Weltkugel mit Vernetzungen

The megatrends of our time are digitalisation, globalisation and climate change. They are changing the lives of all people. Digitalisation needs a set of rules. Only then can it become a driver of opportunities for prosperity, fairness and the environment. Environmental action must be incorporated into every algorithm. 

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