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Sustainable tourism

Travel analysis

For more than half of all Germans, experiencing nature is a particularly important aspect of travel. This is confirmed by the findings of a research project commissioned by the Federal Environment Ministry (BMUB) and carried out by the research alliance Urlaub und Reisen (FUR), which looked at demand for sustainable (in particular, environmentally and socially sound) holidays. This project was carried out as part of the 2014 travel analysis. The data from the 2017 travel analysis even show an increase in public interest in sustainable development in the context of holidays: at present, 49 percent of the population want to make their holidays as ecological and resource-friendly as possible (2014: 31 percent). The socially sound aspect of holidays is important for as many as 56 percent of all Germans (2014: 38 percent). In other words, Germans have a considerable interest in this aspect of travel, in particular when it comes to nature-related activities and contact with the local population.