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Economy and Environment

Economy and Environment

Economy and Environment are two sides of the same coin. Economy and ecology have been unjustly conceived as opposing elements for too long. On the contrary, ecology and economy belong together. A healthy environment and a sparing and careful use of natural resources are prerequisites for a stable economic and social development in the long term. 
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"I firmly believe that environmental action leads to greater social justice and that the two are inextricably linked."

Svenja Schulze Federal Environment Minister <b><i>&quot;I firmly believe that environmental action leads to greater social justice and that the two are inextricably linked.&quot;</i></b>

Latest on Economy and Environment

Economy and Environment | 06.06.19

Sustainable Finance Committee takes up work

The Advisory Council is to advise the Federal Government on the elaboration and implementation of its Sustainable Finance Strategy, bundle existing expertise and promote dialogue between the relevant actors.
Franco-German Climate Working Group
Climate | 29.05.19

Pathways to climate neutrality

The members of the Meseberg Climate Working Group discussed how to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 in the context of the EU long-term climate strategy.
Bundesumweltministerin Svenja Schulze, Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel und die chilenische Umweltministerin Carolina Schmidt.
International Environmental Policy | 14.05.19

Tenth Petersberg Climate Dialogue ends in Berlin

The tenth Petersberg Climate Dialogue (PCD) concluded on Tuesday with a commitment to joint progress on climate action. Previous PCD meetings had focussed on negotiating an agreement and rulebook.
Impressionen von der Sitzung der XV. Alpenkonferenz.
Europe and the Environment | 04.04.19

XV. Alpine Conference

The outcomes of the XV. Alpine Conference in Innsbruck include increased cooperation on climate action and soil protection in the Alpine region. The BMU will chair the newly created working group on soil protection.
Tourism | 03.04.19

Prizes awarded in the ClimaHost competition

On the eve of the 15th Alpine Conference, climate-friendly hoteliers and hospitality businesses in the Alps took home prizes in the very first ClimaHost competition.
Chemical Safety | 14.03.19

UNEA 4 discusses future of global chemicals management

UNEA 4 is to send an important signal for an improved, environmentally sound chemicals management worldwide. The BMU invited political decision-makers and experts from around the globe to discuss this topic.