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Economy and Environment

Economy and Environment

Economy and Environment are two sides of the same coin. Economy and ecology have been unjustly conceived as opposing elements for too long. On the contrary, ecology and economy belong together. A healthy environment and a sparing and careful use of natural resources are prerequisites for a stable economic and social development in the long term. 
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"I firmly believe that environmental action leads to greater social justice and that the two are inextricably linked."

Svenja Schulze Federal Environment Minister <b><i>&quot;I firmly believe that environmental action leads to greater social justice and that the two are inextricably linked.&quot;</i></b>

Latest on Economy and Environment

Chemical Safety | 14.03.19

UNEA 4 discusses future of global chemicals management

UNEA 4 is to send an important signal for an improved, environmentally sound chemicals management worldwide. The BMU invited political decision-makers and experts from around the globe to discuss this topic.
Sustainable Development | 10.01.19

Environmental protection boosts sustainable economy

Parties at the third conference of the UN Partnership for Action on Green Economy discuss how to further accelerate the necessary transition to environmentally sound and just economic practices.
Chemical Safety | 16.07.18

Human Biomonitoring on the home stretch

The BMU and the Chemical Association VCI are consistently working on the realization of a joint human biomonitoring project. It should provide new methods to measure 50 substances in the human body.
Economy and Environment | 13.04.18

Federal Environment Ministry presents GreenTech Atlas

Environmental technology and resource efficiency are global drivers for sustainable development. Germany has recognised the opportunities for growth as shown in the GreenTech atlas 2018 presented by Svenja Schulze.
Research | 21.02.18

Seven outstanding award-winners

The Federal Environment Ministry and the Federation of German Industries have presented seven Innovation Awards for Climate and the Environment. The award recognises outstanding German environmental innovations.
Sustainable Development | 27.03.17

Second global forum on green economy in Berlin

Around 40 ministers, CEOs, high-level representatives of UN agencies, NGOs and trade unions as well as more than 300 sustainable development experts meet in Berlin today for the second global forum on green economy.