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Economy and the environment

For too long, economy and ecology were seen as being in opposition to each other. In reality, the reverse is true: ecology and economy belong together. Keeping the environment healthy and making careful use of natural resources are prerequisites for stable economic and social development in the long term.

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Products and Consumption

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Consuming products is central to our daily lives. Consumption is a symbol of our society, and consumer behaviour, including the production and distribution of the goods and services, has an increasing impact not only on people's economic and social situations, but also on the state of the environment. Consumption in private households alone generates more than 25 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in Germany.

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Resource efficiency


Natural resources are key production factors and are therefore foundations of our prosperity. At the same time, resource use has adverse environmental effects, ranging from the emission of greenhouse gases, the release of pollutants into the air, water and soil, to the degradation of ecosystems and biodiversity. The responsible and efficient use of natural resources will therefore be a key competence for sustainable societies.

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Sustainable Tourism

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Unspoilt nature and landscapes are attractive offers for tourism and recreation that people are availing of more and more in Germany. At the same time, tourism can contribute to nature conservation through more conscientious travel and leisure patterns. Nature areas and resources need to be used more sustainably irrespective of whether for sports or tourism purposes.

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