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Legal framework of emissions trading

The EU legal requirements on emissions trading are transposed into national laws and regulations in all EU member states. In Germany the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Act (TEHG) is the core legal framework for the implementation of the EU Emissions Trading Directive. The TEHG sets out the provisions on monitoring and control, the keeping of a national record and on national and international reporting. The TEHG and a number of other German legal provisions such as the Project Mechanisms Act (ProMechG) or the Ordinance on allocations for emissions trading (ZuV) are the legal basis for Germany's participation in the European emissions trading scheme. 

The agency responsible for emissions trading in Germany, the Deutsche Emissionshandelsstelle (DEHSt, German Emissions Trading Authority) was set up within the framework of the Federal Environment Agency. Please find an overview of the legal provisions on emissions trading on the DEHSt website.