16 to 17 July 2012 in Berlin

Petersberg Climate Dialogue III

"Matching Ambition with Action"

More ambitious goals in international climate policy – on the road to the UN Climate Change Summit in Doha and beyond.

The third Petersberg Climate Dialogue entitled "Matching Ambition with Action" took place in Berlin from 16 to 17 July 2012. Ministers from 31 countries representing the various groups at international climate negotiations came together for discussions under the co-chairmanship of Germany and Qatar (Presidency of the upcoming UN Climate Summit in Doha).

This meeting of ministers several months before the UN climate negotiations in Doha in Qatar this winter provided a realistic perspective and a possible policy path for the conference in Doha and beyond.

The focus of the 2012 conference was on:

  • the ambition gap between the targets set so far and what actually needs to be done to meet the two degrees Celsius target;
  • transformation to a low-emission economy as a strategy for modernisation and growth;
  • the new climate treaty to be negotiated by 2015 and implemented from 2020 onwards.