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The Earth’s climate system is highly complex, even small changes impact on the entire system. Current Climate change cannot be reversed. Nevertheless, it is still possible to slow down climate change and limit its impacts on humans and the environment. This is a task for the entire international community.

"I firmly believe that environmental action leads to greater social justice and that the two are inextricably linked."

Svenja Schulze Federal Environment Minister <b><i>&quot;I firmly believe that environmental action leads to greater social justice and that the two are inextricably linked.&quot;</i></b>

Latest on Climate

Impressionen von der Sitzung der XV. Alpenkonferenz.
Europe and the Environment | 04.04.19

XV. Alpine Conference

The outcomes of the XV. Alpine Conference in Innsbruck include increased cooperation on climate action and soil protection in the Alpine region. The BMU will chair the newly created working group on soil protection.
Tourism | 03.04.19

Prizes awarded in the ClimaHost competition

On the eve of the 15th Alpine Conference, climate-friendly hoteliers and hospitality businesses in the Alps took home prizes in the very first ClimaHost competition.
International Climate Initiative | 26.03.19

Start of climate and biodiversity competition

The BMU has launched a new call for thematic oriented programme ideas on ambitious climate and biodiversity conservation in developing countries and emerging economies.
National Climate Initiative | 01.03.19

Federal Environment Ministry is launching project call

The Federal Environment Ministry is launching the third call for project ideas, running from 1 March to 12 April 2019 under the European Climate Initiative (EUKI).
Climate | 15.12.18

Globally applicable rulebook for climate action adopted

The international community has agreed on a joint rule book for implementating of the Paris Agreement. From 2024, there will be uniform binding minimum standards for reporting by the states.
Climate | 12.12.18

68 million euros for global NDC Partnership

The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Federal Environment Ministry announced at the Climate Change Conference that Germany will be supporting the global partnership for implementing NDCs.
UN Climate Conferences | 12.12.18

Exchange of experience between European coal regions

The "European Climate Initiative" promotes projects that build networks on socially equitable transition strategies. The WWF Poland has made a study on the Silesia region.
Climate | 11.12.18

Germany boosts fund for adaptation to climate change

At the UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Minister Svenja Schulze announced that the Federal Environment Ministry will make an additional 70 million euros available to the Adaptation Fund.