Climate Protection

Climate Protection

The Earth’s climate system is highly complex, even small changes impact on the entire system. Current Climate change cannot be reversed. Nevertheless, it is still possible to slow down climate change and limit its impacts on humans and the environment. This is a task for the entire international community.

Latest on Climate Protection

Europe | 23.11.21

6th call for European climate project ideas

Proposals from Europe can be submitted until 12 January 2022.
Climate | 13.11.21

COP26: End of the fossil fuel era

For the first time in the history of the UN climate change conferences (COPs), the final declaration contains an agreement accepted by all countries on accelerating the global energy transition away from coal.
COP 26 | 11.11.21

Joint Declaration for a nuclear-free EU Taxonomy

Statement by the Environment Ministers of Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal and Austria on nuclear energy and the EU taxonomy.
International | 08.11.21

Climate change adaptation in developing countries

The German government supports the developing countries' request and is increasing its multilateral investment in adaptation finance by a further 150 million euros.
Climate | 06.11.21

Peru reaching key milestones in rainforest protection

Peru has stepped up efforts to reduce deforestation in the Amazon through the major international forest and climate alliance with Germany, Norway, the UK, and the US and receives 10 million USD for achieved milestones.
International | 02.11.21

Germany supports South Africa in coal phase-out

At COP26, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, France and the EU announced a new partnership with South Africa aimed at supporting the country’s energy transition.
International | 01.11.21

Outcome of G20 summit in Rome

For the first time, all G20 countries have committed to achieving a balance between emissions and removal by sinks by or around the middle of this century.
COP 26 | 31.10.21

The 26th World Climate Conference has started

The 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) started in Glasgow October 31st. Chaired by the UK, government representatives of 197 countries will take part in negotiations.
Climate | 26.10.21

UK COP26 Presidency, publishes Climate Finance Delivery Plan

UK COP26 Presidency, publishes Climate Finance Delivery Plan led by German State Secretary Flasbarth and Canada’s Minister Wilkinson ahead of COP26