Air · Noise · Mobility


In contrast to previous decades, air pollution has now declined considerably as a result of stringent limit values for both industry and private households, even taking into consideration the major air pollution from coal-burning stoves and industrial plants in East Germany, which has already been significantly reduced by means of rehabilitation measures.


Noise considerably impairs the quality of life for many people. High noise levels can also represent a health risk. Traffic noise is now one of the main environmental problems in our densely populated country. In addition, there are noise emissions at work and at school, during leisure activities like sports or games and even while gardening. In the key concern of noticeably improving protection against noise, environmental policies look to the overall concept of sustainability.


It is a core task of sustainable transport policy to make the mobility needed by modern societies as environmentally sound as possible. Continuously growing traffic volumes are the special challenge to be mastered here. In many sectors environmental policy has ensured that burdens on the environment can be reduced.