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  • Statement by Dr. Barbara Hendricks at the COP22 High Level Event at the invitation of US State Secretary John Kerry

Statement by Dr. Barbara Hendricks at the COP22 High Level Event at the invitation of US State Secretary John Kerry

"A Discussion on Nationally Determined Contributions Partnership"

"A Discussion on Nationally Determined Contributions Partnership"

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Of course, no country is the same when it comes to energy supply. Nonetheless, the German Energiewende, our energy transition, is an example of how to succeed in shifting to an energy supply that is climate and environment-friendly, safe and, at the same time, affordable.

I want to make three main points here. 

  • First: We have decoupled economic growth from energy consumption. Since 2006, primary energy consumption in Germany has decreased by around 9 percent. Over the same time period, the gross domestic product has grown by around 20 percent. 
  • Climate action and economic growth are two sides of the same coin, as climate measures increase market competitiveness.
  • Second: Renewable energies are becoming more cost-efficient. Around a third of the electricity in Germany already comes from wind, sun and biomass. The development associated with the transition has reduced costs so dramatically that affordable sustainable energy supply has become possible in emerging economies and developing countries as well.
  • Third and finally: Every sector must be decarbonised, not just electricity. We must continue to advance renewable energies for the building and transport sectors as well. 

In the last few months, we have been in tough domestic negotiations on the German Climate Action Plan 2050.
The plan does not limit itself to addressing energy supply only. Instead, it provides guides and milestones for all fields of action – building, transport, agriculture, industry.
Just like the energy transition, this plan is not set in stone; it is an instrument in a learning process.

Worldwide energy transformation is imperative. It requires role models. Above all, though, it requires many ready to follow them.
And it requires exactly the framework that we agreed on last year in Paris. Therefore I call on you all to continue on this path together and to learn from one another.
We have already had fruitful discussions with several countries on long-term climate strategies, among them the US and Canada.
And we are also advancing implementation by working with partners in the framework of our new initiative, the NDC Partnership, which we launched successfully yesterday.
I am delighted that the US has also joined the partnership, where we will continue to cooperate in future.

Thank you.

16.11.2016 | Speech Climate | Marrakesh (Morocco)