National statement on the World Climate Change Conference in Madrid

Svenja Schulze stellt Klimaschutzprogramm 2030 bei COP 25 vor
Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze spoke in her national statement about the Climate Protection Program 2030. This will ensure that Germany achieves its climate target for 2030 and becomes carbon-neutral in 2050.

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Mr. and Ms. President
Ladies and Gentlemen,

my sincere thanks to the Spanish government. The fact that we are able to be here today is not just an impressive logistical achievement, it is also a sign of multilateral solidarity. My thanks also to the Chilean government for the leadership it is showing in its national climate policy and as President of this COP.

"Es tiempo de actuar" – it is time to act. That is the heading for this COP. The German government has made 2019 the year for taking action in the field of climate change mitigation. In October we adopted the Climate Action Programme 2030. This programme will ensure we reach our climate target by 2030 to reduce our emissions by 55 percent compared to 1990 and puts Germany on course to become climate neutral by 2050.

  • Our climate change act ensures that in future every sector will make a proper contribution to climate action by setting out legally binding, year-specific sector targets and ensures that immediate corrective action is taken if necessary.
  • Our climate action programme is an extensive programme for innovation, investment and modernisation. We are putting 54 billion euros into making climate-friendly practices cheaper and more attractive. Climate-damaging practices will be made more expensive, for instance through a comprehensive carbon pricing system.
  • We have set out a clear timetable for the phase out of coal-based power and are simultaneously supporting the regions affected with extensive structural measures and expanding renewable energies.

With this climate package, Germany is laying the right foundation for climate action.

Next year, all countries are called on to show more courage when it comes to climate action. To update their NDCs, to increase them and outline how they will become climate neutral. Some developing countries are already setting a good example here. It is high time that the major economies do the same.

  • That is why the EU is discussing enhancing its NDC for 2030. I will work to ensure Germany is among those driving the discussion. The EU has to lead by example.
  • At this COP, the German government is therefore advocating robust international market mechanisms. These could help bring about additional climate action if it can be ensured that reductions are verified and double counting is avoided.
  • That is why Germany supports developing countries in climate action. We are doubling our contribution to the Green Climate Fund to 1.5 billion euros and doubling our climate finance contribution in 2020 to 4 billion euros compared to 2014. This paves the way for more courageous climate action: in the phase out of coal in South East Asia, in the just transition in South Africa, in dealing with refrigerants in Namibia and in many other places. We are already supporting 21 countries in updating their NDCs.
    Germany will also provide an additional 60 million euros to finance ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation, especially in small island states. And we will be contributing an additional 30 million euros to the Adaptation Fund.

The IPCC is warning us more urgently than ever that in the fight against climate change, every tenth of a degree and every tonne of carbon dioxide saved makes a difference and prevents further damage and loss.

I am here to call for more courageous climate action and for integrity in the formulation of its rules.

10.12.2019 | Speech COP 25 | Madrid (Spain)