Svenja Schulze on the fires in the Brazilian rainforest

Bild aus der Vogelperspektive eines Brandes im Amazonas-Regenwald
unterseite icon13.08.2019 | International Climate Initiative

Support for climate protection projects in Brasile rest

Support for climate protection projects in Brasile rest
In a statement Schulze commented on the fires in Brazil. The Federal Environment Minister has recently taken the decision to freeze financial assistance for forest and biodiversity conservation measures in Brazil.

"The images of the fires raging in the Amazon region are shocking. The rainforest, a fragile ecosystem that formed over millions of years, is in great danger – from the devastating fires, but also from the forest clearance policy of the Brazilian government. The impacts this will have on the global climate are incalculable. Of course, South America and Brazil in particular deserve our support when it comes to preserving the rainforest – both generally and with the blazes we are now witnessing. However, Brazil itself must want this assistance, and not counteract it with a national policy of increased clearance. We are willing to help, but we are not naive. In my view, Brazil must now assume a clear position on this issue. There is no doubt in my mind that a Mercosur trade agreement cannot be justified without guarantees that the rainforest will be protected.”

23.08.2019 | Report International Environmental Policy