GreenTech made in Germany 2018: Environmental Technology Atlas for Germany

Environmental technology and resource efficiency are driving sustainable development worldwide. For the technology and industrial location Germany, the importance of environmental technologies can not be overestimated. Their share of the gross domestic product was 15 percent in 2016 and – according to the forecast – will rise to 19 percent by 2025. 1.5 million people are already employed here – and the number is rising.

Environmental technologies modernize our economy. They ensure more sustainable products. The environmental technologies also provide answers to the question of how we can meet the basic needs of a growing number of people without further destroying the ecological foundations. In addition, digitization will greatly change the green tech sector. GreenTech companies need to adapt to new rules in order to benefit from digital transformation. For this reason, the new GreenTech Atlas will for the first time focus on the role of digitization for the medium-sized industry.

Publication Date: 01.03.2018

Publication Type: Brochure

Format: DIN A4

Pages: 208

Editor: BMU

Language: English