Climate Action Programme 2030

Measures to achieve the 2030 climate protection goals

Germany has already taken extensive climate protection measures. The primary goal of the federal government and this climate protection program is to achieve the climate protection targets for 2030. However, further national efforts are necessary to achieve the necessary CO2 savings. These have already been laid down in the Federal Government's Climate Protection Plan 2050 and will now be specified in the Climate Protection Program 2030 and implemented by law in 2019.

In the Climate Protection Plan 2050, the federal government has set sector targets for the necessary emission reduction & nbsp; set. The Climate Protection Program 2030 combines sector-specific and overarching measures. With the Climate Protection Program 2030, the Federal Government is pursuing an approach to achieve the specified climate protection goals with a broad package of measures consisting of innovations, funding, legal standards and requirements as well as greenhouse gas pricing.

Publication Date: 01.10.2019

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