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Abfallwirtschaft in Deutschland 2020

Fakten, Daten, Grafiken

The "circular economy" is based on using raw materials as efficiently as possible and preserving the economy in the long term. It ranges from the extraction of raw materials through product design, production, trade and consumption to the closing of the cycle through reuse and recycling.

The brochure shows what citizens can achieve together with their local authorities and the economy, and on the other hand it should give an example to countries that want to close their material cycles in an ecologically sensible way. Because circular economy is above all an international task to which German companies, scientific institutions and local practitioners can contribute with their know-how, services and modern technologies.

Publication Date: 01.03.2020

Publication Type: Brochure

Format: DIN A4

Pages: 48

Editor: BMU

Publication number: 16008

Language: German