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The way is now clear for an open-ended search for a final repository for nuclear waste, says Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier

Following the adoption last week in the German Bundestag of the Act on the selection of a repository site for high-level radioactive waste, the Bundesrat today unanimously approved the new legislation.

Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier said: "Today’s decision means the Länder have finally cleared the way for an open-ended and transparent search for the best possible location for a nuclear waste repository. Thanks to the willingness to compromise shown by all those involved at federal and Länder level and in the political parties, we have managed to solve one of our country’s most contentious issues by reaching a strong political consensus. This was only possible on the basis of mutual trust.

Now that basic agreement has been reached, we can start the next phase of practical and detailed implementation. And we will continue to need a cross-party consensus. If possible, agreement should be reached on the composition of the committee tasked with preparing the selection procedure before the elections to the Bundestag are held in September. That would send a positive signal that the spirit of consensus will continue to prevail."

05.07.2013 | Pressreport No. 101/13 | Decontamination Projects