State Secretary Adler: "German water industry crucial in fight against global water risks."

Hände schöpfen Wasser aus einem See
State Secretary Gunther Adler opens Wasser Berlin International

State Secretary Gunther Adler opens Wasser Berlin International

The focus of this year’s Wasser Berlin International is on preventing further regional water crises. At the trade fair, taking place from 28 to 31 March, 140 national and international businesses are presenting their solutions for ecological water and waste water technologies. In his opening speech, State Secretary Adler stressed that the German water industry can help other countries implement the global sustainable development goal (SDG) on water and sanitation: "Water is our number one foodstuff. Water shortages exacerbate social, political and economic crises and can also be their trigger. Germany would therefore like to assist in establishing drinking water capacities in other countries. This will help prevent people having to leave their home regions. It is not just about a market for water and waste water technologies, it is about an important societal commitment in support of the UN SDGs." State Secretary Adler underlined that the German government will continue to support the export of environmental technologies and international advisory services for conserving water resources.

Since 2012, the Global Risks Report of the World Economic Forum counts water crises among the five global risks with the greatest impacts. At present, there are over one billion people worldwide living in water poor regions. Water crises, however, are often geopolitical and social risk factors which amplify internal or regional conflicts. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimates that there will be approximately 200 million environmental refugees by 2050.

Environmental technologies are a lever for sustainable development and an instrument with which Germany can contribute to improving living conditions in other countries. The BMUB environmental technologies export initiative supports projects of German businesses and institutions aimed at disseminating technical know-how and environmental knowledge in other countries thereby establishing local capacities. On 15 March, the Cabinet (with budgetary framework) adopted the continuation of the BMUB environmental technologies export initiative until 2021. Studies predict that the market volume for water and waste water technologies will grow by almost 990 billion euros worldwide.

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For the second year running, the Messe Berlin is hosting the Blue Planet Berlin Water Dialogues as part of the support programme of Wasser Berlin International. The event will take place on Thursday 30 March 2017 from 9:30 am to 2 pm in Hall 4.2. This year's expert forum is focussing on wastewater as an untapped resource. State Secretary Gunther Adler will open the event with a keynote speech on resource efficiency in water management as a contribution to implementing SDGs. Professor Stefan Uhlenbrook, head of the UNESCO World Water Assessment Program will present this year’s UN World Water Development Report which was published on 22 March 2017. The Blue Planet Berlin Water Dialogues is a series of events supported by the Federal Environment Ministry, the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, Messe Berlin GmbH and the German Water Partnership (project office).

28.03.2017 | Press release No. 102/17 | Inland Water Management