Petersberg Climate Dialogue: Green economic recovery will lead to a more resilient future

In these times dominated by the coronavirus, climate action remains an acute global challenge. The economic recovery in the coming months must be used to achieve the necessary progress on climate action as well.

The 11th Petersberg Climate Dialogue concluded with a commitment to a green recovery built on solidarity. At the invitation of Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze and UK Secretary of State for Business and Energy Alok Sharma, around 30 ministers from all over the globe participated today in the Climate Dialogue via video conference. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and UN Secretary-General António Guterres also took part in the meeting.

The Petersberg Climate Dialogue participants made clear that even in these times dominated by the coronavirus, climate action remains an acute and global challenge. The participants committed themselves to shaping the economic recovery in the coming months in a way which also ensures the necessary progress on climate action. In addition, the ministers made clear that work on ambitious updated NDCs under the Paris Agreement will not be put on hold because of the coronavirus.

Federal Environment Minister Schulze commented: "We need a green economic recovery in order to build a more resilient future. Our guiding principle is not to go back to the old world, but to work towards a better world with more resilient and climate-friendly economies. The Petersberg Climate Dialogue has shown that many countries are already preparing stimulus programmes for their economies and that they are taking climate action and ecosystem protection into consideration in this process. In the coming months, all over the world large sums of money will be poured into the recovery of the global economy. These investments can also help drive climate action forward significantly. Investments in renewable energy, green mobility and climate-friendly industrial processes are at the same time supporting climate action, innovation and jobs. An ambitious climate action plan, like the Green Deal presented by the EU, is therefore the right strategy for exiting the current crisis."

The designated president of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference, UK Secretary of State for Business and Energy Alok Sharma, stated: "Today at the Petersberg Climate Dialogue, we have recognised the immense scale of the challenge. It is clear that as we recover from coronavirus, the decisions we make today will either lay the foundation for sound, sustainable, inclusive growth or they will lock-in polluting emissions for decades. As incoming COP 26 President, my team and I will work night and day to raise ambition on climate change. We owe that to ourselves. And to future generations."

28.04.2020 | Press release No. 059/20 | Petersberg Climate Dialogue Digital