Minister Hendricks travels to Costa Rica for political talks

At the invitation of Environment Minister Edgar Gutierrèz, Minister Hendricks is travelling to Costa Rica for four days of political talks.

Cooperation on climate action and forest conservation

Following an invitation from Costa Rica's Environment Minister Edgar Gutierrèz, Minister Hendricks is travelling to Costa Rica today for political talks. The four-day trip will centre around talks with members of the government and with the President of Costa Rica. The meeting will be mainly devoted to the partnership between the two countries on the implementation of Costa Rica's nationally determined contribution and also to forest conservation and restoration under the Bonn Challenge. In addition, Minister Hendricks will visit two climate action projects funded under the International Climate Initiative of the BMUB.

During the meeting with Minister Gutiérrezm, Minister Hendricks will focus on protecting the ozone layer and further reducing perfluorocarbon (PFC) emissions. In a joint declaration that Minister Hendricks and Minister Gutierrèz will sign during the visit, both countries will reaffirm their intention to expand their joint international climate action efforts and strengthen bilateral relations in the areas of species and environmental protection.

Germany is helping Costa Rica achieve its goal of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions in all relevant sectors and becoming climate neutral by 2021. For instance, the Federal Environment Ministry is supporting a project of the Coffee Institute of Costa Rica (ICAFE) which aims to achieve the first climate neutral production of coffee worldwide. As part of its national biodiversity strategy 2016-2025 and with Germany's support, Costa Rica wants to establish a biotope network in Jicaral on the Nicoya Peninsula to conserve biodiversity and its sustainable use.

Minister Hendricks commented: "I very much welcome Costa Rica's commitment at national and international level to protecting species diversity. The country is home to valuable mangrove and dry forests and it is imperative that these are protected. Costa Rica has made great strides, not just in relation to preserving biodiversity, but also in low-emission energy supply and conserving and expanding its forests."

15.06.2017 | Press release No. 212/17 | International Environmental Policy