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Hendricks signs "Diversity Charter"

The Federal Environment Ministry is committing itself to an organisational culture of diversity. Today, on the occasion of the 2nd German Diversity Day, Minister Barbara Hendricks signed the Diversity Charter, launched by the corporate initiative of the same name.

Hendricks remarked: "The diversity of biographical backgrounds, lifestyles and talents of all colleagues of both sexes acts as the decisive contribution to our Ministry's working atmosphere and to the results of its work. Diversity, mutual acceptance and solidarity are important sociopolitical goals of the Federal Government. My view is that in this Ministry we should actively serve as role-models, making this policy position a reality."

This corporate initiative is under the aegis of Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel. The signatories of the Diversity Charter are making a commitment to promoting a working environment free of prejudice. "We deeply respect all colleagues irrespective of sex, race, nationality, ethnic background, religion or worldview, disability, age and sexual preference", the Charter notes. It goes on to state that appreciation and promotion of this diverse potential create significant advantages for the organisations involved.

03.06.2014 | Pressreport No. 092/14 | Economy and Environment