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Hendricks helps Jordan increase energy efficiency in water management

With support from Germany's Federal Environment Ministry, three new projects for saving energy in water management were launched in Jordan. They are the most recent examples of the success of the export initiative for environmental technologies, which was launched this year by Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks. The aim of the initiative is to assist companies in developing new markets abroad, for example, in Asia and Africa. It makes German know-how available to partner countries to solve pressing problems. Minister Hendricks explained: "Especially countries like Jordan, which must overcome great challenges arising from the refugee crisis, need support in the establishment and the management of water infrastructure."

Energy costs represent a significant burden for Jordan's water sector. Jordan is a net energy importer. Energy efficiency in water management is an important aspect of German-Jordanian cooperation. The three current projects are the first of their kind to deal with wastewater management.

The project dealing with energy efficiency in water supply and wastewater treatment is being implemented by German Water Partnership e.V. Jordanian stakeholders are provided with information on German achievements in efficient energy use in water utilities.

The project of the Technische Universität Berlin involves a study on the energy optimisation of wastewater treatment plants in Jordan, as well as measures to reduce CO2 emissions and improve water availability at three wastewater treatment plants. The third project in Jordan involves a study to reduce amounts of sludge produced in a wastewater treatment plant. The aim is to significantly reduce transports to landfills and reduce pressure on the already limited storage capacities there and to significantly alleviate the environmental burden of sludge landfills along the Yarmuk. The Yarmuk belongs to the Amman region catchment area. The project is run by the company p2m berlin GmbH.

The funding volume for the three projects amounts to a total of 380,000 euros.

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07.11.2016 | Pressreport No. 272/16 | Resource Efficiency