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Federal Environment Minister Altmaier welcomes agreement between Germany and China on the import of solar panels

"Expansion of renewable energy sources to benefit all parties"

"Expansion of renewable energy sources to benefit all parties"

Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier welcomes the agreement achieved in the trade dispute between the EU and China. "The solution found in the dispute over imports of solar panels to the EU is a realistic compromise between the interests of the solar sector and the target aiming at a further global expansion of renewable energies. I am confident that the agreement will strengthen the solar sector both in China and in Europe. The expansion of renewable energies benefits all parties - if it is accomplished in a fair and coordinated manner," commented Minister Altmaier.

He went on to emphasise the importance of international cooperation. "We are all faced with the challenge of having to reconcile cost effectiveness, climate policies and security of supply. Important impetus in this respect can be obtained from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Renewables Club in which Germany and China work together with other states to advance the expansion of renewable energies. The agreement between the EU and China shows that this is the right approach. Now we will have to join forces to open up new markets and further promote the development of renewable energies."

Germany and China are close partners in the field of renewable energy sources. Both countries have set themselves ambitious targets which were confirmed by a joint declaration signed in January. China's solar energy target is aimed at achieving an installed capacity of 35 GW by 2015. Forecasts predict a significant rise in energy demand in China over the next few years. Solar power can make an important contribution to meeting this demand in a climate friendly manner.

29.07.2013 | Pressreport No. 114/13 | International Environmental Policy