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German Advisory Council on the Environment (SRU)

The SRU, established in 1972, is an independent body responsible for appraising the environmental situation in Germany, drawing attention to undesirable developments and identifying ways and means of avoiding or eliminating them. Its recommendations are addressed not only to the Federal Government, but also to the Länder, local authorities, industry and the public. The Council has seven members and submits an Environmental Report to the Federal Government every four years. Its latest report entitled "An integrated approach to environmental policy: the way forward" was published in May 2016.

Specific environmental problems are addressed in special reports. For instance, a special report was published in March 2014 entitled "Reducing flight noise: the need for reform in the planning of airports and flight routes" ("Fluglärm reduzieren: Reformbedarf bei der Planung von Flughäfen und Flugrouten", available in German only) and another in January 2015 entitled "Nitrogen: Strategies for resolving an urgent environmental problem" ("Stickstoff: Lösungsstrategien für ein drängendes Umweltproblem"). The Council issues statements and comments of its views on current environmental policy issues for example in the comment published in June 2015 entitled "The Future of Coal through 2040" and in a statement published in February 2016 entitled "Environment and Free Trade: Environmentally sound design of TTIP".

On 1 July 2016, the German Cabinet appointed a new council for the 2016-2020 term of office.


Last updated: June 2018

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