Environmental Label Jury

The Environmental Label Jury is the independent body responsible for awarding the Blue Angel (Blauer Engel) eco-label. According to its rules of procedure, the jury comprises up to 15 members. Up to 13 members are appointed for a period of three years by the Federal Environment Minister in coordination with the chairperson of the Conference of Federal and State Ministers for the Environment. The selection is made with due consideration to all relevant social groups, such as representatives from environmental and consumer associations or trade and industry. In addition, two Länder appoint one representative each to the jury on a rotating basis. During the first meeting of each appointment period, the jury elects one of its members as chairperson.

The jury generally convenes twice a year for its regular meetings. In addition to this, the committees (Basic Award Criteria, Marketing/International Affairs, Technological Progress) meet to discuss specific topics. The chairperson represents the jury at events and discussions held between the meetings.

The members of the jury are independent and not bound by instructions; membership is an honorary position.

Tasks and responsibilities: driving developments forward.

The Environmental Label Jury awards the Blue Angel eco-label to products and services which – from a holistic point of view – are of particular benefit to the environment and, at the same time, meet high standards of serviceability and health and safety.

The jury decides on the products and services to be awarded the Blue Angel eco-label as well as on the underlying basic award criteria and the respective compliance verifications. These are elaborated on a scientific basis by the Federal Environment Agency with the collaboration of the German Institute for Quality Control and Labelling (RAL) and the groups involved.