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The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

Since August 1993, the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (Bundesamt für Naturschutz, BfN) has been the central scientific authority at federal level for both national and international nature conservation. The BfN provides expertise and scientific support to the Federal Environment Ministry on all issues of nature conservation and landscape management. Its headquarters are located in Bonn with branches in Leipzig and on the island of Vilm off Rügen. On Vilm, the BfN runs its own conference centre, the International Academy for Nature Conservation.

Key tasks: advise, fund, enforce and inform

The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

  • provides scientific advice for the federal government
  • oversees federal support programmes
  • conducts its own research and commissions research
  • authorises import and export of protected animal and plant species
  • carries out important tasks implementing marine conservation, the Antarctic Treaty and the Genetic Engineering Act
  • supports decision-making regarding legislation through expertise and the practical work of authorities and nature associations
  • manages various data bases on the topic of nature conservation
  • publishes the magazine "Natur und Landschaft" and articles in various other publications of its own.

BfN data bases on nature conservation

The BfN's data collection is geared towards experts of all areas of nature conservation as well as the interested public.

In addition to its website, the BfN also hosts

  • a nationwide central literature database
  • data collections on landscapes, plans of landscapes and Natura 2000 sites
  • various web portals such as species conservation, Floraweb, Neobita, ABS, Habitats Directive Annex IV species
  • map services on alluvial meadows and protected areas
  • online content such as Naturdetektive and Natursportinfo

Through these services, the BfN facilitates structured scientific work and swift access to reliable information on nature conservation and landscape management.