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Stowage Ordinance

Ordinance on Underground Waste Stowage and to Amend the Provisions pertaining to the List of Wastes

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The Ordinance on Underground Waste Stowage entered into force on 30 October 2002.

The Stowage Ordinance is another module within the strategy to promote high-grade waste disposal entailing no damage or harm. Subsequent to issuing the Commercial Wastes Ordinance, the Ordinance to Amend the Waste Oil Ordinance and the Waste Wood Ordinance, additional clear framework conditions are thus established for waste management. The Federal Government is acting on past experience which showed that the recommendations for waste stowage in mines which had, until issu-ance of the new Ordinance, not been legally binding, had often not been applied consistently. Legally binding rules are essential in the interest of ecology, as a basis for secure investment and as a prerequisite for fair competition.

This paper contains the table "Disposal of non-mining residues/ wastes in underground excavations".

Update Date: 30.10.2002