National Acts

Act to Improve Preventive Flood Control

Flood control legislation

Catastrophic flooding events in recent years, especially the hundred-year flood of the summer of 2002, occasioned the first flood control act. With the Flood Control Act (Hochwasserschutzgesetz), the German government introduced stringent, nationally binding requirements for the prevention of flood damage for the first time.

On 2 July 2004, the Bundestag adopted the Act to Improve Preventive Flood Control (Gesetz zur Verbesserung des vorbeugenden Hochwasserschutzes), also known as the Flood Control Act, based on the decision recommendation of its Environment Committee.

The Bundestag Mediation Committee made an agreement recommendation, which was approved on 17 March 2005 by the Bundestag and on 18 March 2005 by the Bundesrat. The Act entered into force on 10 May 2005.

Update Date: 03.05.2005