03.12.2020 | Policy papers and background info | Climate

The EU: a leader in global climate finance

Significant financial resources are needed to implement the Paris Agreement and help developing countries tackle climate change. The EU and its Member States have proven to be reliable partners.

The EU and its Member States are the largest contributor of public climate finance to developing countries, contributing EUR 23.2 billion in 2019 on a bilateral basis and through multilateral channels. Their climate finance has systematically increased and has more than doubled since 2013. The document "The EU: a leader in global climate finance" gives an overview of the international public climate finance provided by the EU and it´s Member States.


The United Kingdom left the European Union on 1 February 2020. Figures on climate finance before this date hence refer to EU-28. Public climate finance in 2019 was EUR 21.9 billion from EU-27 alone.