05.05.2003 | Minutes and reports | Nuclear Safety

Report of the Federal Republic of Germany for the First Review Meeting in May 2003

Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management

The report contains information pertaining to the situation for the safe management of spent fuel elements in Germany. In Germany, the reprocessing of fuel elements would be classified under “management” within the meaning of this Convention. However, as Germany delivers its spent fuel elements to France and the United Kingdom for reprocessing, we will not be reporting here on the reprocessing of German fuel elements. There are no fuel elements used by the military sector in Germany, and hence there is also no need to report on this aspect. The report also contains information regarding the situation for the safe management of radioactive waste in Germany in the scope of this Convention. NORM and TENORM wastes are excluded from reporting, as are wastes assigned to the military sector, since management of the latter does not fall within the scope of civil surveillance.