01.02.2005 | Minutes and reports | Radiological Protection

Principles of Safety Management Systems in Nuclear Power Plants

Effective safety management is an essential element in the safe operation of nuclear power plants. Safety management comprises any planning, organisation, administration and monitoring of people and work activities, with a view to ensuring a high safety performance in an efficient way. The overall goals of safety management are to achieve high quality in all safety-related activities and to promote a strong safety culture. High quality safety management is particularly necessary for ensuring that the operation of a nuclear power plant meets damage prevention requirements according to the state of the art in science and technology. The operator must therefore establish an effective safety management system which complies with international standards and current regulations.

In order to ensure that throughout Germany operators of nuclear power plants uniformly apply the principles in the development, implementation and improvement of safety management systems, these “Principles for Safety Management Systems in Nuclear Power Plants” (Grundlagen für Sicherheitsmanagementsysteme in Kernkraftwerken) were published in the Federal Gazette No. 138 of 27 July 2004, p. 16 275, following notification of 29 June 2004. This principles paper is the result of intensive discussions at director-general level in a Länder Committee for Nuclear Energy working group and consultations with the nuclear supervisory authorities and the energy supply companies operating power reactors.

The paper contains the framework for requirements which must apply to the structure and integrity of safety management systems in nuclear power plants in Germany, according to the state of the art in science and technology. It relates to standards for the organisation, the organisational specifications and safety-related processes.

The text of the notification of 29 June 2004 as published in the Federal Gazette and the Principles for Safety Management Systems can be found below.