12.12.2011 | Minutes and reports | Climate

Package of Durban

After two weeks of intensive negotiations, the UN Climate Change Conference in Durban adopted a package of decisions (the "Durban package") on the future of international climate policy. The Parties defined a roadmap for a new climate agreement that will apply to all countries. From the beginning of next year a new Ad Hoc Working Group will negotiate the new climate agreement. The goal is to adopt this agreement as soon as possible, but no later than 2015.

At the same time, the Parties decided to continue the Kyoto Protocol with a second commitment period. A number of issues are planned to be resolved by the next UN Climate Change Conference in Qatar in late 2012, including mitigation commitments and surplus emission budgets. The states also took a range of implementing decisions, for example on the establishment of a Green Climate Fund, structures for an Adaptation Committee and a Climate Technology Centre and Network. Moreover, the "Durban package" includes decisions on the transparency of mitigation action by developed, newly industrialising and developing countries.