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10.10.2018 | Decisions and statements | Nature/Biological Diversity

BMU proposals for measures on Action Programme for Insect Protection

Key issues paper

With its Action Programme for Insect Protection, the German government is aiming to improve the living conditions of insects and enhance biological diversity in Germany in order to tackle insect decline.

The German government adopted the key issues paper on the Action Programme for Insect Protection on 20 June 2018. These key issues include nine areas of action in which measures for the protection of insects and their diversity will be taken:

  1. Supporting insect habitats and structural diversity in the agricultural landscape
  2. Restoring and connecting insect habitats in other landscape areas
  3. Enhancing protected areas as insect habitats
  4. Reducing the use of pesticides
  5. Reducing inputs of nutrients and pollutants in soil and water
  6. Reducing light pollution
  7. Intensifying research – strengthening knowledge – closing gaps
  8. Improving financing – creating incentives
  9. Promoting civic commitment

Based on the key issues paper, the Federal Environment Ministry has drawn up proposals for concrete measures in these nine areas of action. Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze presented the proposals for measures at the 9th National Forum on Biological Diversity on 10 October 2018 and discussed them with the relevant actors. These proposals have not yet been coordinated with the other ministries. It is not yet, therefore, the draft of the action programme, but a contribution to the discussion and online public participation. Following the phase of public participation, the draft of the Action Programme for Insect Protection will be drawn up by late 2018 and then coordinated with the other federal ministries. The final programme is scheduled for adoption by the federal cabinet by summer 2019.