01.11.2016 | Guides and instructions | Climate

A low-emission economy starts with municipalities

A Handbook for Polish Municipalities

This handbook has been prepared by a team of experts representing the Polish National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE) and the Berlin-based think tank for policy analysis and strategy consulting adelphi. The handbook has been developed as part of the KAPE & adelphi project on "Exploring new opportunities for the Polish-German co-operation on low-emission strategies". The aim of the project was to facilitate the exchange of experience and the development of new fields of cooperation between Poland and Germany in the area of energy and climate policy.

The focus of this handbook is on low-emission strategies related to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and other GHG. At the same time it acknowledges the challenge for Polish municipalities in reducing emissions of other pollutants that affect human health and the environment - such as particulates, sulfur and nitrogen compounds.