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Six marine areas have been placed under regulated protection in the exclusive economic zone. The new protected areas cover approximately 30 per cent of the German EEZ and have been part of the European Natura 2000 network of protected areas since 2007. The ordinances now in place ensure the effective protection of key species such as harbour porpoise, common seal and grey seal. Habitat types such as sandbanks and reefs are protected. more

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The first UN Ocean Conference concluded with a political call for action to work together to save the world’s seas and oceans. More than 8,000 participants representing over 190 countries, intergovernmental organisations and civil society attended the event. Sweden and Fiji jointly hosted the week-long conference in New York. This also marked the launch of implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the marine sector. more

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This year’s congress focuses on preventing further regional water crises. 140 national and international businesses are presenting their solutions for ecological water and waste water technologies. State Secretary Adler stressed during his opening address that the German water industry can help other countries implement the global sustainable development goal (SDG) on water and sanitation. more

Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic have worked together for many years on protecting the waters of the Oder River basin. Twenty years since the founding of the International Commission on the Protection of the Odra against Pollution (ICPO), the three countries are holding a ceremony to mark the positive outcomes of their work. At the same time, the ICPO Presidency will pass from Germany to Poland. more


The Federal Environment Ministry has launched a special award to recognise the international commitment of municipalities to establishing sustainable infrastructures. The award has a special focus on public service areas such as water management, waste water disposal and waste management. There is a great need for action in these areas at international level and great potential for German expertise. more