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Waste electrical equipment will be disposed of in an environmentally sound and consumer-friendly way

Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act enters into force

From 24 March 2006 consumers can return old radios, computers and other electrical and electronic equipment to local collection points free of charge. The new Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, promulgated in the Federal Law Gazette, provides for this option. With this Act, Germany is one of the first EU countries to implement the respective EU directives.

As of March 2006 producers are obligated to take back the equipment collected and to dispose of it in compliance with the technical state of the art.

Starting on 24 November 2005 already, producers have to register before placing electrical equipment on the market. The producers' Clearing House, which has administrative powers and is to be set up by the industry, will be the central register. It will be under the supervision of the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA). Furthermore, it will have to coordinate the supply of first sets of containers to public waste management authorities and the collection of equipment from the local collection points by the producers. The designated Clearing House is the foundation "EAR Elektro-Altgeräte register" ("WEEE register") set up by the producers in Fürth in August 2004. Moreover, certain heavy metals such as lead or cadmium as well as brominated flame retardants may no longer be used for new equipment as of July 2006.