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Coloured dustbins in front of a wall.

The key to waste management policy in Germany is product responsibility. Through this the conditions for an effective and environmentally sound waste avoidance and recovery will already be created in the production stage. Producers and distributors must design their products in such a way as to reduce waste occurrence and allow environmentally sound recovery and disposal of the residual substances.
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River in a green landscape with trees on the shore.

Water protection policies in Germany focus primarily on maintaining or re-establishing the ecological balance of water bodies, on guaranteeing drinking and process water supplies and on providing long-term safeguards for all other water uses benefiting the general public. Current water protection policies are in particular aimed at preventing ground and surface water pollution with hazardous substances.
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Picture of a field in closeup.

Our soils evolved as the result of the combination of physical factors (e.g. weather) with chemical (e.g. root acids) and biological ones (e.g. earthworm) over thousands of years.
Contaminated sites are abandoned waste deposits and abandoned industrial sites which cause adverse soil alterations or pose other risks to individuals or the general public.
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