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For more details regarding the legal regulations, the Atomic Energy Act includes authorisations for issuing ordinances (cf. listing in Section 54 para. 1 of the Atomic Energy Act). These ordinances require approval by the Bundesrat (Federal Council). The Bundesrat is a constitutional body of the Federation in which the governments of the Länder are represented.

The table below lists the main ordinances on protective and preventive measures at nuclear power plants.

Brief description on the legislative content[Ref.]
in German only
StrlSchVRadiation Protection Ordinance
Principles and limits of radiation protection, requirements on organisation of radiation protection, personal monitoring, environmental monitoring, accident management, design against incidents and accident planning values
AtVfVNuclear Licensing Procedure Ordinance
Application documents (one time safety analysis report), involvement of the public, safety specifications (operational limits and conditions for safe operation), procedures and criteria for major modifications (public participation)
AtSMVNuclear Safety Officer and Reporting Ordinance
Position, duties, responsibilities of the nuclear safety officer, reporting of special events in nuclear installations
AtZüVNuclear Reliability Assessment Ordinance
Checking of personal reliability for protecting against the diversion or major release of radioactive material
AtDeckV Nuclear Financial Security Ordinance
Financial security pursuant to the Atomic Energy Act
AtKostVCost Ordinance under the Atomic Energy Act
Fees and costs in nuclear procedures
KIVOrdinance Concerning Potassium Iodide Tablets
Provision and distribution of medicine containing potassium iodide as thyroid blocker in case of radiological events
AtAVNuclear Waste Shipment Ordinance
Shipment of radioactive waste into or out of the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany
EndlagerVlVRepository Prepayment Ordinance
Advance payments for the construction of radioactive waste disposal facilities of the Federation for the long-term engineered storage and disposal of radioactive waste

Table: Ordinances on protective and preventive measures at nuclear power plants

Last update: 15.12.2015