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A white statue - woman with book in hand - in front of a window front.

Public construction law encompasses all public laws and regulations referring to the organisation of and support for using plots of land for construction activities In particular it includes rules and regulations on the admissibility and limits of construction works, their erection, use, change, dismantling and quality requirements. It serves the purpose of balancing the interests of property owners and the general public.
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Cityscape in the evening light with river, road, neighborhoods, and high-rise buildings

We want our cities and towns to remain successful and continue to provide a good quality of life. The German government's policies on national urban development supports this aim by bringing together decision-makers and stakeholders on the topic of cities, creating platforms for lively exchange, putting current urban society and construction issues on the agenda and highlighting examples of measures and solutions.
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Facade of apartment buildings in the sun against blue sky

Urban development assistance has been successful for 40 years. The various assistance programmes help where help is needed: conserving the fabric of historic buildings, developing socially deprived neighbourhoods or strengthening attractive sites.
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A new white house with black-gray tile roof. Paved road and small beds in front of the house.

Accommodation is basic human need. Good housing standards and sound cities are of crucial importance for the quality of life of human beings. They also contribute substantially to a healthy social climate.
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