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Downloading instructions

PDF documents and web accessibility

With regard to web accessibility some older PDF documents on the Ministry website allow only limited access. The text content can be converted to an alternative text format using most PDF Reader programmes.

Saving and viewing PDF documents

Special software is required to open and view PDF files. An overview of independent and free PDF Readers available can be found at www.pdfreaders.org. Make sure that you use the latest version of the software.

Left click on the linked PDF to view the document. The file will then open directly in the browser or in a new window.

If you experience any difficulty viewing the files in PDF format online, we recommend downloading the file. To do this right click on the link to the PDF document and click on "Save as" to save the document in a folder on your computer. You will now be able to open the file offline at any time.

Excel documents

Excel documents should always be downloaded before use to avoid problems with links and formulas included in the document.
If you wish to use the document online please note the following: the link will only work online if click no when asked if you accept changes when activating internal links.
However, it is recommended that you download and use the document offline.

ZIP and EXE documents

To extract ZIP files a programme such as 7-ZIP (32-bit) by 7-Zip, Simplyzip by Paehl or EXPANDER by STUFFIT is required.

Click on the EXE link to download the self-extractor file.